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Crossover News

A Crossover Fandom Newsletter

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A Crossover Fandom Newsletter
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Welcome to crossover_news, the newsletter for crossover fiction and other crossover fan endeavors on Livejournal.

crossover_news is a CLOSED COMMUNITY. To read the newsletter, please click here to add it as a friend. Do NOT attempt to join as only editors may be members of the community.

The inaugural issue of the newsletter was posted August 5, 2006. New issues are posted daily.

The watcher journal for this newsletter is cross_watcher. If you would like you or your community to be added to our watch list, please comment at this post. If you are friended by cross_watcher, please do not add it back. We only link to public posts.


Linking: crossover_news only links to public posts. Unless the poster specifically notes that they wish a post not to be linked, or has opted out by commenting at this post on the cross_watcher journal, we will consider any public post for linking.

If you wish to have a link to any of your content removed, simply comment on the offending post, or email the maintainer with your lj name and the link in question. If you wish to recommend links to content to be added to the next issue, please leave a comment on the most recent issue.

Fanfic links will be subject to editor discretion on the basis of length, WIP-ness, lack of header info, etc. We will link to Gen, Het or Slash stories based on TV, Movies or Books. We do not include real person stories in the newsletter, only fictional fandoms.


We don't pretend that what you see in this newsletter is everything in the world of crossovers on Livejournal, though we aim to do our best. Please feel free to comment with suggestions on ways to improve the newsletter in future, or with content we have overlooked.

Current Maintainers: vane_nt; lizzy61; kymericl; goldenrat84; carley9; novalinx; tamrinm

Previous Maintainers: wildalyss; ficwize; jedibuttercup; dhfreak; yetanothermask; rocaw; sentientcitizen; vichan; st_aurafina; lilacsigil; emeraldsnakes; strangevisitor7; entwashian; tinypinkmouse; kay_brooke; milerna; mmpenguinguile; kerrykhat; dairygirl; xenoamorist



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